Jennifer McCurdy - Wheel Thrown Porcelain Artist on Martha's Vineyard
 Jennifer McCurdy
Jennifer McCurdy
Jennifer McCurdy
Jennifer McCurdy
Wheel Thrown Porcelain by Jennifer McCurdy Martha's Vineyard
Handmade Wheel Thrown Porcelain Pottery by Jennifer McCurdy
Jennifer McCurdy, Wheel Thrown Porcelain Artist on Martha's Vineyard.

JUST RELEASEDJennifer McCurdy Book Vessels a conversation in porcelain and poetry

Vessels: A Conversation in Porcelain and Poetry
by Jennifer McCurdy & by Wendy Mulhern - Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

This is the first book to showcase the work of acclaimed ceramic artist Jennifer McCurdy. Collectors and art enthusiasts will be delighted to gaze at these luminescent forms, lyrically accompanied by the poetry of Jenniferís sister, Wendy Mulhern.

Signed by Jennifer McCurdy BUY NOW


Ceramic artist Jennifer McCurdy lives on the island of Martha's Vineyard. She has been working with porcelain for over thirty years. For the last few years, she has been working with structural questions. How thin can the high fire porcelain be before it collapses in the fire? How much can it be cut away and still maintain structural integrity? How can the structural form be integrated with the visual, as in nature? How can the movement of the potter's wheel and the fire of the kiln be reflected in the finished piece, which is rock-hard and permanent?



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